Moving Pictures

Daring to Die: The Story of the Black Devils

This one hour documentary produced for History Television allows the veterans of arguably the most highly trained unit of the allied forces of WW2, the forerunner of today's Special Forces, to tell their own story, recalling the comraderie, the humour and the tragedy of their training and the missions they undertook.

Meeting of Nations

This broadcast documentary explores the long history of treaties between the Mi'qmak, Maliseet and Passamaquoddy First Nations, the English Crown, and the Government of Canada. It was not always a peaceful process, despite the number of Peace and Friendship Treaties. Meeting of Nations moves through history into the present, looking at how the relationship is building and developing.


NWT Unbelieveable

NWT Unbelieveable lets the imagery of the North speak for itself. Starting from the most profound stereotypes of the Arctic, it quickly moves into the unexpected beauty and the delivered promises of the Northwest Territories. Produced in English, Japanese and German, NWT Unbelieveable has been seen around the world.



This is a project designed to be memorable and engage the attention of PSWs through corny humour. Super Bugs c. difficile and MRSA plot to take over the world, but there is one person standing between them and total world domination: Anne, a savvy and relentless PSW. Produced for the Regional Infection Control Network in Ontario, this video demonstrates memorably the gold standard methods for hand hygiene.


Why Should I Come to Yellowknife?

The Northwest Territories needs lawyers. And you need the NWT. Unless you really enjoy two hour commutes to work everyday...


The Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs Signature Collection

Genuine Mackenzie Valley Furs are the wild furs brought to market by the primarily aboriginal trappers of the Northwest Territories. This piece was created to showcase their Signature Collection of designs and to bring the beauty of the North, matched by the beauty of the coats, to the world's attention, setting the Northwest Territories in a class of their own in the industry. The soundtrack is itself unique: a priest travelling by dogsled between NWT First Nations communities recorded messages from people in one community to another. One man sang a love song to a woman in another community. The tape was eventually stored in the NWT Archives and forgotten. It was found and resurrected by a friend of mine, who wrote music to support the unique and heart-felt song.


Trapline to Finish Line

Trapline to Finish Line documents the culmination of the first World Cup of dogsled racing, an international event spanning Canada, the US and European legs to finish in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.



Cedar Grove Lodge: Long, Slow Summer Days

A tradition in the heart of Muskoka for over 80 years, Cedar Grove Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy every last minute of the long, slow, summer days.


Burt and Bob: Translation

"Translation" is one of six international award-winning PSA spots in a follow-up campaign for the Arctic Energy Alliance. It's sometimes hard to figure out what the scientists are saying about climate change, unless you have your own personal translator to put it into plain English for you.




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Moving Pictures