The Figments Philosophy

Welcome to this little corner of the web, the online home of figments of imagination.

It is all about the audience, the one element of a production that we cannot do without. Without an audience, what is the point of doing the production in the first place? The first and last duty of figments of imagination is to make the best, most effective, most memorable, persuasive, enjoyable experience possible for the audience.

How do we realize that goal? By knowing what the audience wants and needs. This will change on every project depending on who the audience is. But there is one thing all audiences have in common: For them it’s all about the story, first, last and everything in between. A good story, be it a play, a documentary, a comedy, a commercial, or a corporate production, is what the audience relates to best. If flash cutting and special effects tell the story best, then we will pull out all the stops. But if the story is told best by a person talking on camera, directly to the audience, then we will not be afraid to let that person be right there, up close and personal. We are driven by humanity; technology plays the supporting role.

At figments of imagination, we cater to the needs and wants of our audience. And in doing so, we serve our clients, and our colleagues, very well indeed.

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